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Founded in 2013,The registered capital of 100 million Yuan. KJLP (SHENZHEN) ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is one of the largest professional manufacturer of Peltier Module. Our company has about 600 employees including more than 30 R&D engineers at present.
The company has more than one hundred specification products. The annual production capability can reach to 8 million pieces. Our products are widely used in medical apparatus, high-end supercomputers, portable freezers, drinking fountains, military & petroleum equipments and laboratory instruments. The company invests largely to develop and research the Peltier module in its critical area for many years. We successfully produced the thermoelectric refrigerating module with micro thermocouple and battery-powered assembly and multi-layer high powered large temperature thermoelectric module. This expands the application area of thermoelectric technology.

Now we mainly have the following whole assembly plan such as battery-powered micro refrigerator (freezer) for medicine and bacterin storage, Ultra-low temperature devices with temperature at 40 degrees Celsius under zero, drinking fountain with price/performance ratio better than compressor, cold &hot massage in medical and sports field, thermoelectric generating devices for petroleum detecting equipments etc.

The company all adopts in imported burning equipments, with advanced production technology and strong technical force, now the company is in a leading position in the same domestic domain. We successfully impenetrate the ISO sprit into the whole production. All these make us an outstanding supplier.

Good peltier module made of KJLP!


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